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 Worship Series Begins February 26th!

This Lenten season we will be going on a journey together!  The words from the prophet Micah to our mortal ears, describes what is required of us on our spiritual journey: Seek Justice, Love Kindness, and Walk humbly with your God. Can it really be that simple?  Is it really that simple?  Come on out and join us, O mortals, for our Lenten Journey during Sunday morning worship services!  You don’t even have to update your passport photo! 


Sunday, February 26th: The Journey Week 1: “Check Your Bags”

Sunday, March 5th: The Journey Week 2: “Food for the journey: Regular or Extra Crispy?”

Sunday, March 12th: The Journey Week 3: “What kind of bridge is that?”

Sunday, March 19th: Pastor Tarrah will be using one of her vacation Sunday’s on this day.                                               Please prayerfully consider joining Pastor Bob in New Athens, Pastor                                             Brett in Marissa, or any church/spiritual practice of your choosing. 😊

 Sunday, March 26th: “The Journey Week 5: “It’s tough for the oldest kid in the backseat.”

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